The Wine Noire is excited to launch our wine club in February 2021 that is dedicated to serving excellence in wines from the U.S. and South Africa with more destinations to come.

Each wine club option is curated with wine from small artisanal producers who know their craft and as a result, wine lovers can taste their attention to detail in each bottle.

Available in February, May, August and November, our team is excited to introduce to some and expand for others the reasons why many of these award-winning wines made by BIPOC and women producers are our favorites and hopefully will soon be yours as well.

Diversity Discovery Club
(3 Bottles)

Each quarter, we’ll select 3 bottles that are perfect for those looking to discover new wines by amazing winemakers.

Each bottle pairs wonderfully with everyday meals and are great selections for small gatherings and special occasions.

The Wine Noire Uncorked Club
(4 Bottles)

More wine, more fun! At least that is what we think. Look forward to 4 bottles each quarter that exude personality and artisanal craftsmanship.

They pair well with your everyday meals and will be the talk of your next book club.

Wine For the Culture Club
(6 Bottles)

This wine club is where the party is. Taste the passion of each winemaker who understands that each bottle tells its own story.

One that is a part of creating wine for the culture of wine lovers who drink with history and culture in mind.