Meet the Founder

The Wine Noire Story

Alicia Maria Kidd is the founder and CEO of The Wine Noire LLC., an import, export and wholesale distribution company based in Berkeley, CA.  Launched in 2017, The Wine Noire specializes in helping winemakers who are women and people of color get their wines into the marketplace, as well as directly into the hands of consumers.

Alicia’s mission is to remove barriers and open doors for these producers to be seen and enjoyed by local and global marketplaces so that they can focus on making incredible wines. Her current portfolio includes wines from California and South Africa.

Alicia Maria Kidd

CEO of The Wine Noire

Our Mission

The Wine Noire aims to offer an equitable and sustainable supply chain and logistic services through a holistic model that brings the best integrated solutions to women winemakers and winemakers of color.